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I think im rarely satisfied with what i do. Something is always missing, If i performed on the stage i’d likely regret it.

If i filmed a scene, I’d likely regret it too…

After this interview I’ll probably have regrets about it and tell myself , “oh i forgot to mention that.”.


I made observations on TV, When i was freshman in highschool, i pondered what it would be to be an entertainer…

To be an actor or singer.  For me, It’s time to make my name known. I don’t believe in reincarnation as I’m a christian, As i believe I ca only live once.


I recently watch the Japanese film “yureru” , The guy who plays Jo Odagiri’s brother functions as the basis for a dramatic reversal.

I felt a strong urge to play such a role,

I’d like to be famous and do lots of charity work, That’s what cross my mind. I guess I made i wise choice in choosing my job.

though im not ready yet.


I couldn’t participate in recording my favorite ballad.

Anyway my favorite dance track is “DON’T DON”, It was the title track of our 2nd album. “She is Gone” is a ballad featured on the 2nd album.

I also really like the song “Marry U”,  Personally, I believe the song “Mary U”  is a song,  that is unlikely to be sung by an idol  group.

Though, Super Junior is also an Idol Group, ” Don’t Don reflects the  Unique Color of my agency, This makes it more memorable.


I remember all the concerts i’ve performed, They are all blissful memories. Our recent Concert was a great success, I will never be able to forget those moments.


We once staged for a costume play, I’m not sure whether it is OK to say about it but, I dressed up in zorro’s costume We all  wore different clothes to sing YMCA.  The atmosphere was fantastic, All the attending fans do our dance routines . They moved in sync in easy-to-follow steps.

That’s the most unforgettable moment in my life.


The more members, the more ideas what we have.

We often suggest great ideas in our meetings,  It is our strength but also our weakness. If each one of us talks about one new idea… It becomes too complicated to reach a conclusion, In fact, we highly respect other member’s ideas. However if one comes up with better idea we can not readily accept the idea on the spot as another member soon comes up with another idea. Such situation often throws us into panic.


I’d say leeteuk, Heechul, kang-in, Eun hyuk and Shindong are my role models.

I’m not good on talking in front of camera, So i envy the five member’s talent with words.

On the question that I find difficult answer, they always have a witty answer. I really envy them. *laughs*


You mean now?  If i had a wish, that  would be… Well… I never thought about it, this is the moment i envy kang-in, shin-dong and Leeteuk’s talent with words… They would simply say: ” Let me hear you first.”.


I’ve had dream this since i made my debut, It sounds like  wild dream or unrealistic wish. But i wish everyone in the world would remember my name “CHOI SI-WON” , I hope i can be remembered as a good actor, a great singer and a nice person in the future.



This has been si-won, I know it wasn’t much fun Though i tried to make it  interesting…

I didn’t work out. Sorry. I’ve had few one-on-one interviews before I think i’ll always remember today’s interview.

I hope I can meet showbiz extra viewers , more often trough such interviews. May you always be healthy and happy.

This has… *twist* been siwon. My tounge was twisted.

This has been siwon. Thank you.

~Choi Si-Won