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Heechul [Eurico’s fantasy]



  • Kim Hee-chul was born July 10, 1983,
  • credited as Heechul,
  • is a Korean pop singer, actor, presenter, and a member of the super boy band Super Junior.
  • Fans often recognize him as Cinderella or the flower of Super Junior,
  • and his fans became officially known as Kkochip or petals
  • Heechul made his first television appearance as an actor before the debut of Super Junior.
  • Heechul appeared in an episode of Loveholic as a chef trainee.
  • Heechul teamed with Kibum again to star in the sixth season of Nonstop, alternatively known as Rainbow Romance.
  • Heechul starred as the supporting character Gong Min in Bad Family.
  • starred in the popular family drama Golden Bride as Kim Young-soo.
  • Heechul began to appear on numerous variety shows such as Vitamin, Sponge, Xman and Love Letter. Kim Heechul can also be seen in advertisements for various Korean brands.
  • Heechul was also on a TV show called Joahseo or Good Daddy.
  • Heechul is also a credible host
  • Heechul started his hosting career by being a regular MC for the cable music show Show! Music Tank
  • He hosted his own radio show, SBS Power FM Youngstreet along with Park Heebon, but the program ended in mid-2006. After the 55-episode drama “Loving You Ten Million Times” ended in early 2010, he returned to SBS radio as a DJ to host his own radio program, “HeeChul’s Young Street.” The show, which started airing on 29 March 2010, is broadcast by Power FM 107.7MHz from 8:00 to 10:00 pm (Korea Time). This is his first comeback as a DJ in four years.



It is a big mistake to love a boy,  it was never foretold that boy needs to love boy, or will love boy—

’cause this thing is unusual, and people don’t agree with this idea.


” And I deal with so many consequences, Obstacles and problems…

Every day, every minute and every second, i feel i am isolated from the real field of life.

It feels sad that people throws discrimination to me, but- thanks to them they made me strong.”

-fighting for him, that is me EURICO

When soul finds soul and When heart meets heart, there is no minding about it.

It is just you Love what you love and love who you love.


Love to faults is always blind, always is to joy inclined. Lawless, winged, and unconfined, and breaks all chains from every mind.

-Shakespeare’s Quote



 “I break Myself Not for a whole but just i break a part of me.”


Loving has no Limitations,

it is just people who is responsible for creating boundaries of loving…

People are just people; they defined as a people, nothing more, but always less.


They do not love that do not show their love.

The course of true love never did run smooth.
Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.


I believe time will come and I am able to show my Admiration to him.



It starts from Idolizing, and runs with loving, for i just know Thing behind love is Love…

Love never Ends, never forgets… Love never changes it is people who get changes.

This Love is the hottest love i felt though i know hottest love ends up to be the coldest.

I don’t know why people look at me in a bad image, i just love–

People should not look for what people did but for why he did it, ’cause there lies the meaning and identity of good and wrong.

I love you heechul, you’re the petal that got the sweetest scent,

I admire you a Lot, I love you so much…



~No More Disband~

~GooD NewS~

Dear fellow ELF it is now a good time for harvesting a real happiness!

there will be no disband for 2010…

here’s the image code for zoom:


for another zoom:







13 as a group, 15 as a family, together with an ELF…


[ Sorry to the last Blog post: article: Get ready ELF]

Because of too many messages send to me by “Super Junior VOTE – ELF”  group members considering ~Super Junior~ group members too, this are the clarifications need to be accept.

The article posted last night is “ONLY a RUMOR”, and honestly there’s no definite source of that issue but just kind of instinct appeal.

[ Disband clarification relevance to the topic: 5 year cursed]

the rumor started with just a conversation of some Chinese and Koreans worrying if super junior will be counted in the 5 year-cursed, and the conversation became a topic and widely spread.



Q:There’s no news from allkpop.There’s no news from SME or SJ.

A:That’s normal.Have you heard any news about “TVXQ’s lawsuit” before they have arguments with SME? Before H.O.T disbanded,who knew they would broke up?(Fans of them please don’t mind.I’m just giving examples)Who can be sure that the band will be together or separate 1 year later?No one knows the future.

Q:I don’t believe this until SJ say that.

A:Reading my message makes you cry already.It’s hard to imagine if SJ tell you by their mouths.By the way,most of the time,SJ can’t express their actual ideas because they’re idols.They have to behave well and take care what they have said(Korean Antis are terrible).They’re unable to tell what they want in their hearts.How can you expect them to tell you this?That’s why we have to observe by ourselves.

Q:Sub-group will perform while Heechul and Teukie’s going to the army for a time.

A:Yes,but what about the other members?When the 2 old members back,younger members have to join the army as well.Don’t forget we have 13 members.When will be the day of their reunion?

Q:I don’t think 4th album will be the last.SJ won’t disband.

A:This is just a RUMOR.I haven’t said SJ will disband.However,after 4th album,they probably have solo or sub-group activities instead of working together.It’s hard to see the “entire” SJ again.Isn’t this the last chance?Think about it.


So sorry to see lots of you felt depressed.Yet,I have to clarify one thing:My purpose of telling you about the “5-year curse” is to hope you guys work for the coming album(but not to make you cry).
Don’t ask “What can I do to stop them disbanding?”

Please ask “What can I do to make the 4th album no.1 and have the best 5th year anniversary?”

~by M.F.
If the rumor is true or became true, well as i and MF said, we don’t have any idea of stopping them to disband, but helping them as to make their 4th album hits and achieve a huge success, as well as to have the best 5th year anniversary and super shows across the Asia and across it’s continent.
IT is easy and the answer is here:
(1)Buy original albums(Version A) which are imported from Korea.Don’t buy albums from your own countries.
Reason:Only Korean original albums(Version A) are counted into the Korean sales chart.The albums that buying from your countries are only counted into overseas’ sales chart.Make bulk order from Korean music stores is the only way to help the sales volume and make SJ win.



While waiting for the 4th album,we are also waiting for a group that have a risk to disband in the unknowable future.

We are fans only.We aren’t the one to make decision.We can’t stop SJ to disband;We can’t stop Hangeng to pursue his own happiness;We can’t be sure there will be 5,6,7,8,9,10….Albums.

(One of my friends is TVXQ’s fan.She always reminds me:Let them be the champion by all means when they’re still on the stage.)

Please make all your effort to let SJ win in all Korean music ceremonies.At least they can leave with victory.

If this is going to be the last album,why not make it the best one and end it with the love of all ELF?Why not make sure there’s no any regret.

No one knows the future.

We can’t make too much assumptions.No matter the “5-year curse” is true or not,it’s always our duty to make them no.1 before they say ‘goodbye’ on stage.

Are you ready now?If ever this Rumor is true that this will be the last album of SJ,ELF all Over Asia and Across The Europe must get ready.

We are fans only.We are not the one to make decision.

BUT we are the one to make SJ feel proud of ELF!

Come on!Let’s buy Korean albums,vote and do “trial listen”!

Make 2010 becomes our era!


~2010 maybe Last Chance for ELF~


Get ready to the fourth JIB Album of suju because this is the last chance for ELF.

“It has mentioned many many times already,That the 4th album is very probably the last album that SuJu is Going to Release.”

(this information comes from: M.F. of  SuJu VOTE – ELF an Admin)

(  checked and added some more information by: E.Z. of SuJu VOTE – ELF)

There are so many reasons behind this:

  • Hangeng left
  • Old members have to enroll into army after 4th album
  • Some members have to continue their career in other aspects like acting(Heechul,Siwon,Kibum).
  • or MC (Leeteuk,Kangin,Shindong,Eunhyuk) etc.

Originally,SJ is a multi-talented group.They don’t focus on just singing and dancing more likely a boy Band TVXQ. SM has tried to spread these 13 members into different areas all over Europe and Asia in each every field Of their Talent . After the 4th album they hardly have a chance to get together for a reason of achieving their further dreams and career.

It’s hard to explain this very clearly, but one thing for sure, Korean and Chinese ELF are ready for this last album already.

How about you? are you ready too? if ever this Rumor is true that the 4th album is going to be the last ALBUM of SuJu- ELF all Over Asia and Across The Europe must get ready as well.

[END OF Suju Conversation]

E.Z. : “while waiting for Sujus 4th album—
we are also waiting for a group that are going to disband.
we cant do anything but just helping them to achieve their goal T_T
we should be happy.”

M.F.  that’s what i want to tell you guys  dun ask :what can i do to stop them disbanding.

EZ : whenever that time comes… can we be still friends?
all of elf?

[Sad for Suju and ELF Conversation]

E.Z. thanks for the message… but it keeps me sad.T_T
the last album T_T

M.F. :  it’s sad but true korean and chinese noticed about this long long time ago.

E.Z. : what are we going to do if they got disbanded…?T_T

M.F : nothing can do just like what tvxq fans right now,they can keep their faith onlywhat we can do is to cherish 4th album
i think sj won’t disband ,but they will have solo activities instead of working together

E.Z. : … wish they look forward for a comeback.

M.F. : who?

E.Z. : suju…


[SuJu counts to the SME cursed?]

There is a “curse” in Korean bands(especially those formed by SM Entertainment),very few bands can last more than 5 years——-We call it “5 Years Curse”.
-H.O.T,a popular five-member South Korean boy band formed in 1996,disbanded in 2001 with SME.
-In 2003 SME’s 5-year contract ended,Shinhwa signed a new contract with a new record label.(Sad to say,their popularity was no longer as hot as before when they were under SME)
-S.E.S. ,a popular K-Pop girl group that signed with SME in 1997 and broke up at the end of 2002.
-TVXQ (formed in 2003) is still having lawsuit with SME.Lately,Avex has announced that TVXQ members can have solo activities only.In other words,they can’t appear as TVXQ in Japan anymore. How about in Korea? Hero,Micky and Xiah refused to be back to SME.

do you think SuJu counts to this cursed?

Concerning SJ, here comes the 5th anniversary. Still we don’t understand? We have a great risk! We are not sure SJ have 5th album in the future.

So what Korean and Chinese ELF are doing for this coming album? We are registering for accounts to prepare for our war so that we can vote for SJ to make them win in ceremonies at the end of this year. Throught out the whole year, we have to put lots of effort on “trial listen”. [Korean ceremonies:sales volume(10%) , Voting(10%) , “Trial listen”(80%)]

Click this useful link and you will know what to do.!/pages/Get-Ready-for-Super-Juniors-4th-Album-in-2010/332877665637?ref=ts

~by MF

I, also create a official page, community page and group page for the ELF who is Working religiously for SuJu, though it dont have so much fan and member yet, i’m looking forward for the 3 pages will have much much fan and members in the near future. Where that page will be our hugging stars and sacred place for our upkeeping and raging faith for Suju.

by typing: ” Efforts of the Elf’s for Super Junior” in search bar : you can search for the official page.

by typing: “ELFfort” Efforts of the Elf’s for SuJu : pop up our community and group page.

here’s the link for the group page though official page and community pages links cannot be clicked and only available by searching.!/group.php?gid=118545784828422&ref=ts

The 4th album will be released in May.
As an ELF,what your responsibility is to let SJ have a brilliant achievement in 2010.Big Bang,Wonder Girls,Lee Hyo Lee,Rain,2PM,Girls Generation,all of them are our great competitors this year.

Please!Please work with us.SJ isn’t entertainer!ELF are born to support by all means!If you’re not willing to help,it doesn’t matter,but please don’t call yourself ELF.

Many of SJ’s members get sick/hurt because of 4th album.How do you repay their great effort?

This is the last chance.

Super Junior Calendar


The January; the Leading Month or the First month.

January represents CONSTANCY and DOORWAY.


The February;  The extraordinary Month (for having a leap year).

February represents Purification and Passionate Pursuit.


The March; The War or Fight month.

March represents Courage.


The April; The Spring Month, The Chance or the Opening.

April represents innocence.


The May; The Foggy Month, The Fertility.

May represents Green, love or success.


The June; The cool wind, The Concern And Oppose.

June represents health & longevity.


The July; The Warmth and Cold, The awareness.

July Represents contentment.


The August; The Modernity and The Youth.

August Represents beauty, strength of character,  marriage and family.


The September; The Autumn Month, FALL is the beginning to STAND STRAIGHT.

The September represents clear thinking.


The October;  the Secondary autumn month ( delays ). LATE But in GOOD TIMING.

The October Represents Power and Possesion.


The November;  The living of the dead’s. To see the LIGHT beyond DARKNESS.

Special and Extraordinary.

The November Represents Continuation and Pursuit.





The December; The Coolest wind month, To PARTICIPATE and DEVELOP.

The December represents “MUST-END-MUST-START”

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