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Eurico Zen(Quotation Collection)

~This is the  “March End” Edition~

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“Don’t be sad when you miss someone,

Just wait until you see each other

and make another moment to be missed.”

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“Not everything that you wanted and worked hard for

is always meant to be yours…

Somehow you lose,

But when the time comes that you lose…

There will come a better one that you surely deserve more than anything…

more than anything you wanted and worked hard.”

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You can hardly determine which is FAKE and TRUE,

but sometimes…

Fake gives more happiness to you,

While the Truth gives nothing–

It just hurts you.

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Mistakes make us identify what we lost or what we took for granted.

They make us realize that sometimes,

there is no such things as “later”, “next time” or even “second chance”.

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It is difficult to wait for someone,

it is difficult to forget someone…

But the most difficult thing is to decide–

whether to wait or forget.

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It will not be everyday that you’ll find someone who will beg for you to stay—

So learn to appreciate someone’s effort for reaching you…

Because, people get tired.


I would n’t  force myself to have space in anyone’s life…

Because if they really know my worth, they will surely create one for me…


I wish everyone knows that,

a life is packed and full of “RESPONSIBILITY”,

when “you” did create one’s life…

You did a greater responsibility.

Whether that “one” do or do not do his responsibility…

It is “you” fore bouts the handles responsibility.

do yours, do it for them.


I maybe sweet to every person i have met,

but the sweetest part within me belongs only to only one— not to everyone.


It is better to be with someone who is making your day so irritating,

than to be at peace all day long and missing the person who irritates you.


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Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a cup of coffee, a conversation or telling

a funny story,

friendship is about sharing a honest and true part of yourself—

and when your friends do tell a secret to you…

don’t tell it to anybody, it’s hard to win back trust.


Friends are like sunset, you maybe sharing with them only a few hours of the day—

but you know that they will always be there tomorrow, the next day and the day…

after forever.


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~Disaster ~

September 12th, 2009 by clearcard

By: Eutazen

I always wanted to tell you ‘I love you”

But it’s too late now…

Because I will never come back

Will you remember me for somehow..?

I’m so confused how to tell it to you

Because it’s hard to breathe

I did everything but you didn’t see

Then I hoped you felt the same too.

I saw you both holding hands

Thinking that it should be me

I suffered from this broken heart

I always know I’m not enough for you to see.

What should I do?

Because I never thought nothing would come true

I broke my dreams, my plans

did I bled enough for you?

I know I can’t keep this forever

I am getting closer to let it go

You’re the only man who made this life a disaster

I’ll pick up the pieces and I’ll let you go.

~The undying melancholy inside my heart ~

September 12th, 2009 by clearcard

By: Eutazen

I’m sorry if I exist…

I’m sorry if I lived

I’m sorry if I inflicted you pain

If you want blood there’s none to give..

Please…All I’ve said to you is true…

None of them was a lie…

None of them intended to hurt you…

Will you smile if you see me dead?

Or rather shoot me with a silver bullet into my head..?

I didn’t meant to hurt you…

I never wanted to see you cry…

I never worth your time…

Those fake emotions when you see me smile.

But loneliness, anger, and regrets inside…

This is my melancholy…I’m dying… I’m worthless…

I don’t deserve to live…

All I did is to hurt you even if I didn’t intended to…

I’m sorry…



February 10th, 2008 by clearcard

BY. E.Z.

A great soul sacrificial for your great pain giver love…

A great soul that posses everything


A great love with no potential for anything

I sacrifice myself to change my destiny,

I sacrifice myself to be with you for the whole eternity.

I give you my life

I give you my love

I give you everything you wish for, everything you want.

You treat me as unacceptable one,

Judging that I’m harmful, pure sins, and dangerous one!

I love you no matter who you are,

I give you my heart with no confusion…

But you killed me with no mercy…

You leave me your great atrocity…

Can’t you see? I’m here wandering alone, with decaying

Heart and mind…

Keeping here all the pains and telling to myself,

“there are no more fresh- no betters”

Bitter past, worst gift of memories…

No more futures to come,

No more next time…

No more Second chance…

—but in the end, I’m happy! Know why?

I see you smile… although I’m in pain,

Although my everything means nothing…


this is my night!

December 29th, 2007 by clearcard

-by: Eurico Zen

As the sun starts to rise again painted with a wonderful shine,

That ceases my happiness…

My night starts to end again,

Where my wonder of time comes from…

A night where I’m far from others,

A night where I can be alone,

A night where I can not be hurt by anyone,

A dark night where I can forget the reality…

Night is a better place for those who forfeit in the fight…

Day as my deathbed…

Night as my place of resurrection…

I don’t want to die, again and again,

I don’t want to remember that day again…

My heart is being corrupted,

I don’t want- I hate that feeling!

Vanish my day, vanish!

Grant me what I wish for!

Give me what I want!

Sun don’t rise again! Curse!

The pain inside…

December 23rd, 2007 by clearcard

“No one can see the pain that we hide”

No one can see the pain that we hide,
They’re happy for us to keep it inside,
Our fear is our own; they don’t want to know,
Why should we involve them; why should it show.

You live your whole life in confusion and fear,
The need to feel something unbearably near,
Half of you living, Half of you gone,
And inside you know what your doing is wrong.

The thing’s that can help, the thing’s that may heal,
Are the flame or the blade and the sting of the steel,
The destruction of skin means the death of your soul,
But there’s nowhere to run when your living alone.

Its sad to be Alone but its hurts to be rejected

October 7th, 2007 by clearcard

All I wanted is to be happy
why problems came too?
All of my life I’ve been so lonely
But how can i break through

I never felt this pain before
But the feeling of happiness is being diminished
so i would kill myself for sure
can i solve and overcome all of this?

I want to end my life
die thrice or more
kill me with sharp edge knife
stab my heart kill me for sure

please stop this pain in my heart
try to get back to start again
where we fall from the start
this pain in my heart never end

I don’t have enough reasons to live
And I’m so sick of this life
When Life is So Free,why can’t you give?
So Let me walk straight,Step aside.

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