this is monologue by sungmin



“my friends were in music since elementary school, but i didn’t know much about music back then. In middle school, I started to meet great dancers. They helped me learn more about dancing. One day i watch H.O.T.’s concert, all of sudden, i felt the urge to be on stage, to sing and dance in front of the big crowd. In 7th grade, I decided to go for an audition. I eventually had an audition when i was 8th grader. Then i become trainee .”


Sungmin, xiah and eunhyuk prepared their debut as a trio, the recorded their songs and take many pictures but suddenly, Xiah made his debut as TVXQ! member, in other words they have to disband their group.

According to him he loves practicing in hopes of making debut. with his dream shattered right before debuting, he didn’t have any strength to practice and started skipping practices, he said: “I spent more of my time at home or at school and caught up with my friends. But I could study hard and go to college.”


“i gain a dream. If i realized one dream I gained another, Now I have another dream I gained it after realizing my first dream. I’ve also gained group member and new family. “


“I don’t have many memories in school life, I find it hard to stay in touch with friends But i have a number of great buddies who always take good care of me. I haven’t been a good friend to many of my friends I think that i’ve lost some of my friends. Thankfully many of my friends still remains close to me.


“it’s difficult to pick one special day out of 365  But i’d say it’s my birthday (january 1), as my birthday falls to jan. 1,  I make new years resolution on my birthday. It is also my time to reflect on past year. Unlike many others, who throws a party or have a lot of fun with friends on their birthday, I spend my birthday quite differently. Thus, it is my special day.


“It is a very difficult question ,  I’d say taht super junior is a theme park, in the them park some rides are slow and some are faster and go up and down steep slopes . There is also a haunted house. I think super Junior has such a variety, I hope many of you will visit our theme park we sing trots, ballad and dance songs we even performed rock music at the last concert. On variety shows Kang in leeteuk and shindong entertain audiences with their witty remarks. I’d say Super junior is a them park with a variety of fun rides.”


“My favorite song is featured in our debut album, it is originally the group EXILE’s song. Heechul added lyrics to the song, I feel truly happy when i sing this song “BELIEVE”.”

(*singing the song*)

according to him, while singing  it as their last song at thier concert, members were so moved… and they shed tears.

“I feel happy whenever i sing or listen to it.”


“I’m an actor turned singer with a passion for acting. Many says that i have a baby face which preventing me playing a variety of characters. So i’ve been trying to change my voice which also sounds too young, I’m also trying to change my way of talking . I’d like to play the innocent character, that kang hye-jung  played in “herb”,  charismatic characters that Zo In-sung played, or mean characters, just to name to few.”


“I can’t decide which instrument to learn next, I’d like to be able to play many instruments, I can already plin the world. “


“so far, i’ve talked about my passion and dreams. I’ll do my best to make all of my dreams come true.

Show your strong interest and unwavering support, This has been Sungmin. Thank you.”