The January; the Leading Month or the First month.

January represents CONSTANCY and DOORWAY.


The February;  The extraordinary Month (for having a leap year).

February represents Purification and Passionate Pursuit.


The March; The War or Fight month.

March represents Courage.


The April; The Spring Month, The Chance or the Opening.

April represents innocence.


The May; The Foggy Month, The Fertility.

May represents Green, love or success.


The June; The cool wind, The Concern And Oppose.

June represents health & longevity.


The July; The Warmth and Cold, The awareness.

July Represents contentment.


The August; The Modernity and The Youth.

August Represents beauty, strength of character,  marriage and family.


The September; The Autumn Month, FALL is the beginning to STAND STRAIGHT.

The September represents clear thinking.


The October;  the Secondary autumn month ( delays ). LATE But in GOOD TIMING.

The October Represents Power and Possesion.


The November;  The living of the dead’s. To see the LIGHT beyond DARKNESS.

Special and Extraordinary.

The November Represents Continuation and Pursuit.





The December; The Coolest wind month, To PARTICIPATE and DEVELOP.

The December represents “MUST-END-MUST-START”