~This is the  “March End” Edition~

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“Don’t be sad when you miss someone,

Just wait until you see each other

and make another moment to be missed.”

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“Not everything that you wanted and worked hard for

is always meant to be yours…

Somehow you lose,

But when the time comes that you lose…

There will come a better one that you surely deserve more than anything…

more than anything you wanted and worked hard.”

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You can hardly determine which is FAKE and TRUE,

but sometimes…

Fake gives more happiness to you,

While the Truth gives nothing–

It just hurts you.

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Mistakes make us identify what we lost or what we took for granted.

They make us realize that sometimes,

there is no such things as “later”, “next time” or even “second chance”.

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It is difficult to wait for someone,

it is difficult to forget someone…

But the most difficult thing is to decide–

whether to wait or forget.

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It will not be everyday that you’ll find someone who will beg for you to stay—

So learn to appreciate someone’s effort for reaching you…

Because, people get tired.


I would n’t  force myself to have space in anyone’s life…

Because if they really know my worth, they will surely create one for me…


I wish everyone knows that,

a life is packed and full of “RESPONSIBILITY”,

when “you” did create one’s life…

You did a greater responsibility.

Whether that “one” do or do not do his responsibility…

It is “you” fore bouts the handles responsibility.

do yours, do it for them.


I maybe sweet to every person i have met,

but the sweetest part within me belongs only to only one— not to everyone.


It is better to be with someone who is making your day so irritating,

than to be at peace all day long and missing the person who irritates you.


~this is my photo retro, i like the art of retros…anyways… here are some friend quotes~

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Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a cup of coffee, a conversation or telling

a funny story,

friendship is about sharing a honest and true part of yourself—

and when your friends do tell a secret to you…

don’t tell it to anybody, it’s hard to win back trust.


Friends are like sunset, you maybe sharing with them only a few hours of the day—

but you know that they will always be there tomorrow, the next day and the day…

after forever.


thanks for reading, every moment you spend your time reading was truly appreciated.