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Siwon’s Monologue

This is Siwon’s Monologue I took it from

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I think im rarely satisfied with what i do. Something is always missing, If i performed on the stage i’d likely regret it.

If i filmed a scene, I’d likely regret it too…

After this interview I’ll probably have regrets about it and tell myself , “oh i forgot to mention that.”.


I made observations on TV, When i was freshman in highschool, i pondered what it would be to be an entertainer…

To be an actor or singer.  For me, It’s time to make my name known. I don’t believe in reincarnation as I’m a christian, As i believe I ca only live once.


I recently watch the Japanese film “yureru” , The guy who plays Jo Odagiri’s brother functions as the basis for a dramatic reversal.

I felt a strong urge to play such a role,

I’d like to be famous and do lots of charity work, That’s what cross my mind. I guess I made i wise choice in choosing my job.

though im not ready yet.


I couldn’t participate in recording my favorite ballad.

Anyway my favorite dance track is “DON’T DON”, It was the title track of our 2nd album. “She is Gone” is a ballad featured on the 2nd album.

I also really like the song “Marry U”,  Personally, I believe the song “Mary U”  is a song,  that is unlikely to be sung by an idol  group.

Though, Super Junior is also an Idol Group, ” Don’t Don reflects the  Unique Color of my agency, This makes it more memorable.


I remember all the concerts i’ve performed, They are all blissful memories. Our recent Concert was a great success, I will never be able to forget those moments.


We once staged for a costume play, I’m not sure whether it is OK to say about it but, I dressed up in zorro’s costume We all  wore different clothes to sing YMCA.  The atmosphere was fantastic, All the attending fans do our dance routines . They moved in sync in easy-to-follow steps.

That’s the most unforgettable moment in my life.


The more members, the more ideas what we have.

We often suggest great ideas in our meetings,  It is our strength but also our weakness. If each one of us talks about one new idea… It becomes too complicated to reach a conclusion, In fact, we highly respect other member’s ideas. However if one comes up with better idea we can not readily accept the idea on the spot as another member soon comes up with another idea. Such situation often throws us into panic.


I’d say leeteuk, Heechul, kang-in, Eun hyuk and Shindong are my role models.

I’m not good on talking in front of camera, So i envy the five member’s talent with words.

On the question that I find difficult answer, they always have a witty answer. I really envy them. *laughs*


You mean now?  If i had a wish, that  would be… Well… I never thought about it, this is the moment i envy kang-in, shin-dong and Leeteuk’s talent with words… They would simply say: ” Let me hear you first.”.


I’ve had dream this since i made my debut, It sounds like  wild dream or unrealistic wish. But i wish everyone in the world would remember my name “CHOI SI-WON” , I hope i can be remembered as a good actor, a great singer and a nice person in the future.



This has been si-won, I know it wasn’t much fun Though i tried to make it  interesting…

I didn’t work out. Sorry. I’ve had few one-on-one interviews before I think i’ll always remember today’s interview.

I hope I can meet showbiz extra viewers , more often trough such interviews. May you always be healthy and happy.

This has… *twist* been siwon. My tounge was twisted.

This has been siwon. Thank you.

~Choi Si-Won


Munificence of 05-16-10


actually i’m not in the mood when i created this article, but i know many people should know ’bout this.


“the wind’s breeze lets my body feel refreshed and relaxed.”

It’s about 6:30-6:45 am, before the sun rise up I plan to go to the riverside…

(with my family)


“i see the dark clouds covering up the sun’s rays– and the sky, but the wind’s breeze whisper up something on me…”

when i look in my watch to know what time it is, it stops from ticking… I don’t know


“Day is never been an easy day, but i know from myself… Easy day is always a boring day.”

after meeting the crest of the sun…

the rays of it’s light…

the fog on it’s mist…

and the morning’s cold…

Then the time has come,

To strive,

to continue life…

to do my best…

To run on laps

and achieve  winning the goal.


“I am walking alone, stepping out my feet from a tiring day… then something grabs my head to look up, and…

When i lies my sight upon the skies, the moon took my attention.”

this is about 6:30-6:45 pm, i see it when i’m walking on the roadside.


“Loving what you see is a fulfillment of your eyes.”

it’s a thing of unusual thing, i have seen this last year but the moment i see it again something strange runs in my mind


“Doubt thou the stars are fire,
Doubt the sun doth move,
Doubt truth to be a liar
but never doubt thy love.”


“Some of the greater things in life are unseen that’s why you close your eyes when you kiss, cry, or dream…”

this is one of the great things, but i never closed my eyes.


“When the mind is thinking it is talking to itself.”

i do not own this last picture, someone sent it to me


Life is never been easy and always be hard…

Life is a living death, a pain, hurt, ache and problem…

But thanks to life, I spend time with the world,

That is the real thing– That life is  walking into a Happy living while running into suffering.

Life is the reason who i am now and what i am now…

question me not… but the life who gives me this…

Life is a mystery of sense and nonsense things…

Life is Life, Brings Life, Brings death…

Life is a fight of Beginning and End…





Sungmin’s monologue



this is monologue by sungmin



“my friends were in music since elementary school, but i didn’t know much about music back then. In middle school, I started to meet great dancers. They helped me learn more about dancing. One day i watch H.O.T.’s concert, all of sudden, i felt the urge to be on stage, to sing and dance in front of the big crowd. In 7th grade, I decided to go for an audition. I eventually had an audition when i was 8th grader. Then i become trainee .”


Sungmin, xiah and eunhyuk prepared their debut as a trio, the recorded their songs and take many pictures but suddenly, Xiah made his debut as TVXQ! member, in other words they have to disband their group.

According to him he loves practicing in hopes of making debut. with his dream shattered right before debuting, he didn’t have any strength to practice and started skipping practices, he said: “I spent more of my time at home or at school and caught up with my friends. But I could study hard and go to college.”


“i gain a dream. If i realized one dream I gained another, Now I have another dream I gained it after realizing my first dream. I’ve also gained group member and new family. “


“I don’t have many memories in school life, I find it hard to stay in touch with friends But i have a number of great buddies who always take good care of me. I haven’t been a good friend to many of my friends I think that i’ve lost some of my friends. Thankfully many of my friends still remains close to me.


“it’s difficult to pick one special day out of 365  But i’d say it’s my birthday (january 1), as my birthday falls to jan. 1,  I make new years resolution on my birthday. It is also my time to reflect on past year. Unlike many others, who throws a party or have a lot of fun with friends on their birthday, I spend my birthday quite differently. Thus, it is my special day.


“It is a very difficult question ,  I’d say taht super junior is a theme park, in the them park some rides are slow and some are faster and go up and down steep slopes . There is also a haunted house. I think super Junior has such a variety, I hope many of you will visit our theme park we sing trots, ballad and dance songs we even performed rock music at the last concert. On variety shows Kang in leeteuk and shindong entertain audiences with their witty remarks. I’d say Super junior is a them park with a variety of fun rides.”


“My favorite song is featured in our debut album, it is originally the group EXILE’s song. Heechul added lyrics to the song, I feel truly happy when i sing this song “BELIEVE”.”

(*singing the song*)

according to him, while singing  it as their last song at thier concert, members were so moved… and they shed tears.

“I feel happy whenever i sing or listen to it.”


“I’m an actor turned singer with a passion for acting. Many says that i have a baby face which preventing me playing a variety of characters. So i’ve been trying to change my voice which also sounds too young, I’m also trying to change my way of talking . I’d like to play the innocent character, that kang hye-jung  played in “herb”,  charismatic characters that Zo In-sung played, or mean characters, just to name to few.”


“I can’t decide which instrument to learn next, I’d like to be able to play many instruments, I can already plin the world. “


“so far, i’ve talked about my passion and dreams. I’ll do my best to make all of my dreams come true.

Show your strong interest and unwavering support, This has been Sungmin. Thank you.”



~this is the monologue of kibum~

have fun!

Photo from 1st Album


When Kibum Arrived at Korea from US, He was more cheerful, talkative and laugh a lot.

But before he knew it, people would say:


That he don’t talk too much and got seldom smiles…

some even say that he is reserved and indifferent And it was something he didn’t expect to hear from peoples.


He said he should be more considerate, People around him mistakenly think that he is  “COLD” and he sometimes ask himself

“DO I LOOK LIKE A CALLOUS PERSON?” he said maybe because he got seldom smiles or do no talk too much.

If it’s possible, he would like  to change that part of my personality.


“MIRROR” is his favorite music that is featured in “DON’t  DON”, He loves Ballad specially that song.

according to him, super junior sang it wonderfully. Mirror was sung by suju’s 5 members including KRY, and  He said that if you listen to it, it sounds like a song that sung by 5 solo artists.


He said he still remember lots of things, the moment they stepped up on stage, the moment they cheered up each other…

and moment a huge crowd look and stare at him, He felt he is walking off  the stage and he vividly remember the time he appeared on stage *laughs*.


He felt that all of them have the same wavelength and he said to be honest, He was very anxious about the concert.

he said: “I wasn’t so sure if i can handle it and excite the fans. I rarely hang around with my friends and have fun,  So i decided to let go with my EGO for the very first time.”

He always thought him self as an actor playing a role of a singer and figuring out how to play the role.


” I am happy when reading my Fan’s letters.”

“I never even dreamed of receiving such kind letters, I don’t use the internet at all… Instead I read the letters from people who really cared about meand like me.”

“Some letters even give me goosebumps (erection of the hairs),  because they make me extremely happy.”


“I came to korea hopes of making lots of money,  I’ve been long awareof the importance of the money.

I want to live a full and enjoyable life in the future, Having that in mind, I decided to go to korea. Having that in mind, I decided to go Korea.”


he receive his acting training 3 times a day, Monday to Friday,

He had to catch up his class every weekend. And after over 6 months of training,

He was a cast in the drama “SHARP”


“I have a variety of different roles that i want to play. I want to be a star in melodrama, or a buddy movie.”

he also said: “Some of my favorite movies are “FRIEND” , “OLD BOYS” and “HOLIDAY” which have a revenge theme. I also really enjoyed the movie “THE CHASER”.”


“there are countless people  i really admire, including many great korean actors. There are many stage actors who have stunning acting skills, I make my own role model using my imagination, good personality from this actor. great acting skill from another actor, I combine this elements to create the role model.”


He said that he do not consider himself as an actor yet,

and added: “JIN IN SA DAE CHEON MYEONG” he looked up to the dictionary and read what it means and see what it means…


so he said to himself he need to do vocal exercise and improve pronunciation and acting skill for 1000 days before he needs to call himself an actor.





I hope you were able to feel my sincerity,

this interview will remain in my heart as a precious memory… I’ll work even hard for the future, show your support.

I love you with all my heart,  Thank you.


Super Junior Chibbies


it’s been a while since i post last article, thanks to the commentators, suggestors, viewers and subscriber of my blog…

it’s been a pleasure for having interest in my blog– thanks for reading.

ANYWAY, I have read the news that our beloved kangin won’t go on 4th ALBUM and he is going to the army…

That is one of the saddest truth coming from him, therefore he casted a letter for us that he is going back to SuJu.

Let’s respect his Decision, Loving what he loves keep him Loving us too.


Thanks to soo young kim  for having me the rights to use this Photos below, well much appreciated. Thanks!


If  you are fan of “HEECHUL”, then you are a PETAL FAN.

If you’re fan of “Sungmin”, then you’re a “SMILER”

Are you a fan of “Eunhyuk” then you are a “SILVERIST”

Are you a Fan of “DONGHAE” ? Then you must be “LEDHAE”


Do you Like ” Kang In” so MUCH? Then you’re a “STUFFY”

Like “KIBUM” that much? maybe you’re a “SNOW FAN”

“Kyu Hyun”? “GYUHN”

Greatest fan of “LEE TEUK”? so you are a “TEUKIE”

“SHINDONG” LOVER? then you’re a “CUDDLER”

“RYEOWOOK”? then you are “WOOKIE FAN”

“YESUNG” then you must be “SUNG FAN”

“SIWON” you must be a “PRINCE FAN”




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